A Letter to Lisa Lloyd


Beautiful Lisa,

Wow. I just finished Chasing Famous and have to thank you for your obedience to the Lord in writing this incredible book.

I have sent countless quotes and pictures of pages to friends, and I just want you to know that your words are powerful and encouraging – full of truth and love. Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency. You eloquently put words to so many of my scattered thoughts and affirmed the deepest cries of my heart. You brought scriptures and stories from the Bible to life, and the Holy Spirit is using this book to stir my affections for our sweet Savior and to deepen my desire for closeness with God. Each chapter points me to the cross, and fills me with purpose and a passion for His glory. And I know there are so many more women reading Chasing Famous who could echo my sentiments. Oh, and don’t even let me get started on the way your perspectives on marriage and parenting are changing my life! I’m not even a parent yet, but I have never read anything so honest and raw and helpful. You are teaching me what the revolutionary love of Jesus looks like in real life.

More than you know, you and Markus impacted my mom and me through your ministry at Preston Trail when I was in high school. At a time when we were both very skeptical of the church and organized religion, you were truly the hands and feet of Jesus as you welcomed us with love and warmth. I remember specifically when you and Markus led our youth group, and the day we talked about relationships and then broke out into groups of girls and guys.

Markus told the story of finding your Bible opened, highlighted and written in, worn from overuse. He spoke about your faith and beauty, and the light of Christ within you that drew him to you. He talked about pursuing you and guarding your heart. I had never heard of or seen anything like that in marriage, and your example softened my heart and planted the seed of longing within me for a Godly relationship and marriage.

That same day, you shared your testimony with the girls. Your story stayed with me and gave me hope. I assumed everyone at church (especially any leader) was perfect, and that I didn’t quite belong because I wasn’t. I looked up to you a lot and saw you as faithful and beautiful and confident, overflowing with joy and wisdom. I had concluded that you had never made a mistake, and that someone like me would never be able to shine like you because I was far from perfect. Your vulnerability helped me begin to understand that God loved me and didn’t need me to fix myself or my family before coming to Him. You helped me start to consider how real and transforming Jesus’s love is… that He is able to make all things new! The woman that sat before me was altogether lovely despite her past sin and struggles, and I knew it was the righteousness and captivating beauty of Christ that I saw radiating from you. Your faith was (and is) so real, and the forgiveness and healing you talked about was entirely new to me at that time.

I ran home and told my mom your story, and we both found tremendous comfort in your testimony. There was a glimmer of hope that we could also be restored, healed, loved, accepted, and maybe even used by God someday. The Lord used you to gently scrape away the first layer of shame that the women in our family had been collecting and clinging to for far too long.

I’m sorry that it took me twelve years to formally thank you! Back then as a senior in high school, and today as a thirty year old wife, your faith in Jesus and obedience to His calling inspires me. Lisa, this book is amazing and I am so excited about it. What a beautiful gift to so many! THANK YOU. What you are doing matters, and it is so appreciated.

As a big fan and as your sister in Christ, I am so thankful for you and SO PROUD of you. You are doing it, you gorgeous woman! YOU ARE MAKING GOD FAMOUS! I am praying for every soul that gets their hands on Chasing Famous and can’t wait to see what else He has in store for you and your precious family.

A million more thanks,
Marissa Hays

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. – Hebrews 13:7

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