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Jane is absolutely magnetic. I met her two winters ago when she and her husband, Drew, were visiting family in Texas for Christmas. Jane has been a dear friend of my sister-in-law’s forever, and I had heard how wonderful and hilarious she was prior to our meeting. Without a doubt, she lived up to every word of praise and love that had been spoken of her.

Jane immediately made me feel welcomed and loved, inviting me into her heart and encouraging me to share my own. She is beautiful and ridiculously fun, with a warmth and genuine enthusiasm for life that draws you in. Jane is honest, and being around her makes you feel like it is okay to be completely honest too.

Although I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Drew that evening, I walked away feeling like I knew him from the way Jane lovingly spoke about him. I was sure that anyone awesome enough to be with her must be pretty incredible himself. The more I learn about these two, the more I realize how right I was. They are truly amazing.

Jane and Drew are the co-founders of Art + Science Wax Co, and have quickly become a go-to for the most beautiful and thoughtfully crafted all-natural soy wax candles. The couple hand-pours every unique product, with scents predominantly inspired by the Pacific Northwest. I recently caught up with them to learn more about the process and heart behind Art + Science and it is an honor to introduce you to them now.

You Are Loved,
Marissa Hays

“We believe that hospitality is at the heart of God, and that a welcoming home sets the stage for people to feel safe to have meaningful conversations… a place where they feel like they can be exactly who they are, exactly as they are.”

UNPRECEDENTED: First of all, you two are the cutest! Can you give us a little backstory on how you met and fell in love?

DREW: There’s a long version and a short version. The short version is that Jane and I met at a magic show. Here’s the thing: I was the magician and she was a volunteer. We   reconnected 7 years later at a summer camp that we had both worked at in East Texas. A year and a half later, I hired Jane to work on our church staff and she made the move up from Texas to Washington state. After a year of working side by side, I was no longer interested in just being her friend and I asked her on a date. She said yes. Then no. Then yes again. 🙂 Six months later, I asked her to marry me.

UNPRECEDENTED: What made you decide to start Art + Science Wax Co together?

DREW: Jane and I love candles, but couldn’t find the perfect scent that was both masculine (like GQ masculine, not fried bacon masculine) but also was warm and appealing to Jane. So one weekend when she was out of town, I set out on a little adventure to make a candle for our house. Friends that know me know that when I jump into something, I jump all the way in. In one weekend, our kitchen was full of fragrant oils, pots and pans, thermometers and a bag of wax that I bought off of Amazon. Jane came home to a kitchen turned into a candle factory / science lab. And that would have been the end of it but our friends and family loved them and wanted to buy them for their homes and for their friends so it’s just kind of snowballed from there.

UNPRECEDENTED: It’s always been a dream of mine to work with my husband. Have you each found new ways that your individual gifts and passions align through starting this company?

DREW: We both play unique roles in the company. I carry the SCIENCE side, playing chemist in our kitchen, researching the best ingredients and testing the candles to perfection. Jane helps with the ART side, selecting the most intriguing scents, the clean branding and ultimately the look of Art+Science Wax Co. We are learning how to serve one another with our strengths and passions. The hardest part is when our vision or ideas or dreams don’t line up perfectly and it can quickly cause tension. We are learning to take the time to listen to one another, be patient and help each other become all that God has created us to be. Jane jokes that I am the Art and the Science and that she is the little “+” that brings it all together. I think I agree. 🙂

UNPRECEDENTED: Your candles are 100% Soy and you pour them by hand in your home. Tell us more about the process behind creating these beautiful all-natural candles.

DREW: Quality matters a lot to me. You start with 100% all-natural soy wax. Unlike paraffin wax that can have a lot of toxins, soy burns clean and burns for a lot longer. We chose to use Woodworks because they are eco-friendly, made in America. We love the look and the “crackle” sound when you burn them. We also use 11 ounce rock glasses that can be reused as a high-end whiskey glass (or whatever your drink of choice is!). Once we decided on the premium ingredients, the hard part is making the candles smell perfect. We order hundreds of fragrant oil samples from all over the U.S. and get creative mixing the different scents to create the perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) combinations. We have a lot of informal “voting” sessions on scents in our living room that involve our friends passing canisters back and forth. There are so many factors that go into each candle: each wick is different, the oils react differently to waxes, the wax has to get to just the right temperature, the way they set and cool matters. So the process itself really does live up to the brand name, it’s both an artistic process and an excruciatingly scientific process.

UNPRECEDENTED: How do you come up with the scent combinations? What are your favorites so far?

DREW: The whole idea for the candles actually came from the smell of a body wash that I have that I’m obsessed with. It had elements of bay rum, smoke and dirt and I was so intrigued by the combination and would have never thought to put those smells together. I like observing different scent combinations that you wouldn’t expect to see together. We’re also highly inspired by everyday scents, even other candles we’ve smelled in the past. Most of our scents are inspired by past experiences like late nights surrounding the campfire and walking around the neighborhood and taking in the smells of fall. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. We haven’t produced a scent that we haven’t loved. Jane’s favorite is Sandalwood and Fir. Mine changes every day but “Texas” is my current favorite.

UNPRECEDENTED: I love your idea of making “scents inspired by past memories to help create future ones.” How does your faith in God and love of family help shape the vision for Art + Science?

DREW: We believe that hospitality is at the heart of God and that a welcoming home sets the stage for people to feel safe to have meaningful conversations and be in a place where they feel like they can be exactly who they are, exactly as they are. One of the key factors for a home or office to feel inviting is for it to smell clean and welcoming. Jane and I are always burning candles in our home and feel like a candle is an easy way to enhance any room and make guests feel comfortable. We also believe that God deserves our best and we want to pour our best into every candle. Also, at Art+Science, we love partnering with non-profits to help others reach and grow their vision to impact the world for good and for the Kingdom of God.

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Photo of Drew & Jane:
Josh Martin Photography

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