Kelsey’s Story | Part 4


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The Little Engine That Could…And The Transmission That Couldn’t

I had been driving a ’99 Mazda 626. The ole girl was a blessing from the beginning. My dad had gifted her to me, and she lasted a lot longer than she probably should have (which was also a huge blessing).


In mid-January my mom, stepdad, and sister flew into Austin for a weekend conference. I drove the three hours down I-35 to watch my five year old sister so my parents could fully engage in the conference’s activities. Before we parted ways that weekend, my parents helped me crunch some numbers and also offered a few budget-tightening strategies that would make it possible for me to save enough money for the Bayside residency. If you know me at all, you know that math and I have a very…distasteful relationship. One option my parents threw out to me was to nanny my sister over the summer. Washington summers are the best, and my parents found ways to sweeten the deal multiple times over, so I took this option as a high possibility. I didn’t want to give an answer in the moment and get any hopes up because, again, here comes the line: If God wasn’t in the move, I wasn’t going to move.

But how many of us know that God will let things die so that something greater can live in its place?

Three days later, I drove to work and back declaring life over my car as the ole girl wouldn’t accelerate over 20 mph. (Thank God my commute didn’t include freeways.) This all happened during the one month in North Texas that it’s cold enough to be icy. The following morning, I gave my car a little bit more time to warm-up. I’m declaring victory over the car. I’m rebuking any plans of the Enemy. But how many of us know that God will let things die so that something greater can live in its place? Needless to say, the ole girl was towed to the auto shop, and as I got the bad news I had been preparing myself for all morning -that my car would need a new transmission – I again declared out loud as fearful tears started to swell, “God, YOU are my provider, not my job. This isn’t too big for You to handle. Thank You that You already have a solution in mind. I trust You to show me Your plan; help me to not put it in a box.”

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