Sara’s Story

I met Sara through a mutual friend several years ago. Since that time, she has gone out of her way to invite me and include me. More than she probably realizes, her sweet text messages and annual Christmas cards have left an imprint on my heart. Shortly after I got married and moved across the … More Sara’s Story

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie has been my mentor, close friend, prayer warrior, sister in Christ, and a constant voice of encouragement and truth in my life for the last year and a half. I am honestly tearing up right now as I reflect on our friendship, and am praising God for giving me such a sweet gift. There … More Stephanie’s Story

Ashlie’s Story

I was introduced to Ashlie when attending church with my husband in California about two years ago. I had flown in from Texas to spend the weekend with my then-fiance, and was excited to visit the church he called home. My husband and Ashlie had been a part of the same Bible study group, and … More Ashlie’s Story