Welcome to UNPRECEDENTED, a place to celebrate the revolutionary life and love of Jesus Christ. I am glad you are here! I pray the stories shared here encourage our hearts, refresh our perspectives, and that God uses the words and images on these pages to remind us how very much He loves us. May our faith in Christ be strengthened, and may our trust in God be increased.

  • PEOPLE | An ever-growing collection of testimonies and stories from real-life friends to remind us of the goodness, faithfulness, power, and steadfast love of God.
  • PAGES | Passages from the Bible and excerpts from books to inspire us to actively seek a deeper knowledge of our sweet Savior.
  • PLACES | Glimpses of the beauty in nature and every day life to stir our affections and move us to praise and worship the Creator of color, shape, depth, and beauty itself.
  • PLATES | Recipes and meal ideas shared to incite gratitude in our hearts as we humbly recognize our humanity and thank God for His abundant provision.

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