Meet Marissa

Marissa is an ENFP to her core, with a sweet, outgoing disposition and a genuine yearning to get to know everyone she meets (and their background, and their heart, and their dreams, and pretty much everything about them). She is a joy to be around, and she admittedly has a ‘silly switch’ that turns her into Captain Wildchild.

She has grown and changed over the years, and 10 years ago you could have spotted her with a single dreadlock, riding her longboard in cargo shorts, listening to Rage Against the Machine. Alas, marriage has made her soft, she says, and now she can barely see a baby pug or read the Bible without shedding at least a couple happy tears.

Marissa sees a lesson about Jesus in everything, whether she’s pulling weeds from her garden or baking cupcakes. She takes Philippians 4:8 to heart, and loves to “dwell on whatever is noble, pure, lovely, or admirable” and therein connect with her Savior.

Being married to Marissa since 2015 has been an adventure, full of sweetness and brokenness, growth and vulnerability, insights and poop jokes (so many), and impromptu excursions across the country punctuated with sporadic bursts into song.  We have both changed since we were married, maybe not exactly as we imagined, but certainly as our Savior intended. It is a joy to be her husband and watch the Lord harmonize her gifts and passions in the creation of this blog.

Clark Hays

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“Meet Marissa” Photo:
Marie Buck Photography at Pacific City

Wedding Photos:
George Street Photo & Video