Meet Marissa

Marissa Hays is one of a kind.  Though we’ve been married for over 5 years, our lives together have never become mundane or stale, largely because Marissa has never allowed her relationship with Jesus Christ to grow stale.  It has never felt like we’ve settled, because Marissa has never settled for a lukewarm relationship with her Savior, the source of all brightness and hope

At night, after we’ve put our son down, I might find her jamming out to a Lecrae album, completely oblivious to the fact that I’ve been watching her and chuckling at her “unique” dance skills.  Or I might find her completely immersed in a book about faith, at her desk in the corner of a dimly lit room, brightened only by a lamp and the fervor of her heart afire.  Or I might find her on the couch, immersed in prayer, pleading through tears that another soul might find comfort and clarity. 

She tries to encounter Jesus in all different ways, and tries to see His face from all different perspectives.

She has been called many things throughout her life. Her Myers-Briggs personality type is an ENFJ, or “The Protagonist”, which is a very apt description of the good-hearted woman with the indomitable spirit.  Some have said she should run her own church, because they see her ministering every hour to family and friends.  She is of course a wonderful wife, mother, and daughter.  She has dabbled in modeling because she’s a scorching hot smokeshow.  And her high school aptitude test recommended that she become a “party clown” (not kidding).

Protagonist — Minister — Model — Party Clown.  Pretty good tagline if you ask me.

I’m so glad you came to this blog and get a chance to peek into the heart of this multi-talented woman, whose greatest gift by far is a heart that is continually moved by her Savior.  I hope in reading this blog your heart is moved as well.

Clark Hays

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“Meet Marissa” Photo:
Marie Buck Photography at Pacific City

Wedding Photo:
George Street Photo & Video