Ashlie’s Story

I was introduced to Ashlie when attending church with my husband in California about two years ago. I had flown in from Texas to spend the weekend with my then-fiance, and was excited to visit the church he called home. My husband and Ashlie had been a part of the same Bible study group, and … More Ashlie’s Story

You Are Loved

Hi there, I am so glad you are here! Before I step aside and invite you to enjoy a few moments of peace with your sweet Savior… EXHALE. Close your eyes and breathe out the stresses of your day, the to-do lists running through your mind, and the fear of missing out on ___________ because … More You Are Loved

Megan’s Story

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan a little over a year ago when I was referred to her by a friend. California was still fairly new to me and I was in dire need of a haircut, so I booked an appointment with Megan as soon as I got her number. I was immediately … More Megan’s Story

Getting Unstuck

As I think about my own journey of faith in Jesus, there have been seasons of closeness and connection with God and seasons of distance and detachment. I have been thinking about ways to go about getting “unstuck” whenever I hit a wall in my relationship with God, and wanted to share some words of wisdom I … More Getting Unstuck